Laundry mat

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A laundry mat can provide comfort when standing for long periods of time, and eliminate aches and pain when standing at folding tables, laundry machines, and other areas.

Our laundry mat is the highest quality, and is grease and oil resistant, so this mat can be used almost anywhere and is very versatile. This means that it is a great choice for areas that the public will use, as it will handle almost anything that the public may bring in to the mat when standing on it. A simple laundry mat from Mats-R-Us could easily handle more situations and possibilities than other similar mats and so it will be a quality long lasting mat compared to many others.

The Mats-R-Us laundry mat has an aggressive non-slip surface with holes, which allows spills to pass through the mat and remain safely under it. With this non-slip surface with holes, any liquids or spills will not stay on the mat, allowing the liquids to remain away from the people standing on the mat.

The laundry mat is fully machine launderable and with an anti-microbial treatment within the rubber, kills bacteria on contact. This means that it is both a hygenic mat and a comfortable mat to use when standing for long periods of time.

The laundry mat from Mats-R-Us can be used in many areas where comfort when standing for long periods of time is important. Some examples of these areas are: commercial kitchens, showers, changing rooms, workshops where grease and oil are a problem, and many more places. Because of this, the laundry mat is very versatile and is an excellent mat to use to provide comfort when standing for long periods of time.

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