Coir mat

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A 100% natural coir pile tufted into an impervious PVC backing, the Mats-R-Us coir mat is a great mat to place at your entrance or door to help with drying footwear, providing a cleaner and safer entrance to your business. It also helps you keep any dirt away from the inside of your business, resulting in a more professional look for your business.

The coir mat has the possibility to be easily cut to shape and size, yet will not fray. This means that it is great to use in areas where traditional mats may not be suitable, and it will still provide a way for your customers to dry their feet at your entrance.

The Mats-R-Us coir mat is easy to install and easy to clean, which means that it can last longer and look better in front of your business without needing to replace the mat. This means that the coir mat could potentially last a lot longer than other mats and still look professional in front of your business.

The Mats-R-Us coir mat can also be monogrammed, providing you with the opportunity to customise your entranceway and make a professional mat look even more professional for your business.

The coir mat is also wheelchair compliant, making it an excellent choice to ensure that all customers can access your business easily.

The coir mat from Mats-R-Us can be used at the front door, back door, indoor entrances, outdoor entrances, and any area where an entrance is. Because of the wide range of areas that it can be used in, the coir mat is very versatile and is an excellent mat to make your door and entrance look professional and appealing, and keep dirt and water at the door instead of inside your business.

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