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Tube Mat - 0.9m wide (cut length only) Mat
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Provides comfort and eliminates sore and tired feet, legs and back.

Prevents slips and falls.

Impervious to water, oils, and grease, and will not rot.

Ideal in wet areas or where drainage is essential.

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Tube Mat - 0.9m wide (cut length only)

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$95.00 per metre + GST


Length: 0.9 x metres

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If you are looking for a full roll (0.9m wide x 12m length), please click here to order a full roll at our special discounted full roll price of $1032.00 + GST

Size: 0.9m wide, supplied to whatever length you require under 12m (a full roll is 12m and can be ordered here)

The price listed is per metre - odd lengths can be ordered - simply type in your required length e.g. 2.6 or 5.8 or 9.2 etc.

The Tube mat from Mats-R-Us eliminates fatigue, prevents slips and falls, and is ideal in wet areas or where drainage is essential.


Some areas where the mat can be used:

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What people say about this mat:

Cindy from Auckland says:
Works great around the pools!
Todd from Hamilton says:
The best mat I've used!
Amy from Hamilton says:
Excellent mat and an excellent price

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