Non Slip Mat

Non Slip Mats - Cushion Light
Cushion Light Mat
Ramp and Deck Non-Slip Mat - Grip Tread
Grip Tread
Shower or Pool Non Slip Mat - Tube Mat
Tube Mat

Non slip mats from Mats-R-Us are a great way to prevent slips and falls. They are ideal in wet areas, or anywhere where there can be a slip hazard.

At Mats-R-Us, if you need a non slip mat, we have one for you. Our range of non slip matting include mats for shower or pool areas, ramps and decks, and many other areas that can get wet.

When it comes to shower or pool safety, the tube mat is the mat for the job. It provides drainage of any liquids, and it will not rot. It also has excellent anti-fatigue properties, providing comfort and eliminating sore and tired backs, legs, and feet.

For ramps and decks, safety is paramount, especially when the weather is wet and the ramps and decks get slippery. The Grip Tread mat from Mats-R-Us is perfect for these areas. The holes in the mat ensure that it drains the water and doesn't keep it on top of the mat, and the Grip Tread's construction using PVC granulates on its surface, and Polyamide on its underside, ensures that it keeps its grip on any surface and does not become slippery, even in wet weather.

If you have any other wet area, for example the area in front of or behind bar areas, or other areas that can get wet, the Cushion Light mat is great to use in these areas. The large cylindrical holes and raised bottom on the Cushion Light mat allows spills to pass through and drain away, while the specially designed antislip surface of the Cushion Light prevents slipping when walking on the mat. The Cushion Light also has anti fatigue cushion support to prevent fatigue, so you can stand on the mat for long periods of time without getting sore legs.

Non slip matting is great for areas that get slippery or wet, and provides safety and comfort to help avoid slips and falls.

For all of these mats, Mats-R-Us provides free shipping to anywhere in New Zealand, so contact us now to order your non slip mat today, or order online through our website.