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Enhance Mat
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Energise Mat

Stand up mats, also known as standing mats or standing desk mats, are mats which are made to be used when standing for long periods of time. These mats help reduce discomfort in your feet, as well as encourage movement of your legs and feet, which helps to improve blood circulation through your feet and legs, thereby improving body health.

Standing mats like the Enhance mat provide anti-fatigue properties, which means that the mat helps to reduce the pain of standing for a long time. The soft surface of the mat helps to provide comfort for sore or tired feet, and as you will be doing a lot of standing on a stand up mat, it is important that the mat supports your feet when you are standing on it for long periods of time. The Enhance stand up mat also provides ramped edges, which help to ensure that there is no potential trip hazards when using the mat.

Another standing desk mat that is perfect when you need to stand for long periods of time is the Energise Mat. Its foam core provides great anti fatigue properties and comfort, while its carpeted surface and ramped edges prevent tripping when using the mat.

For the office, using office standing mats such as the Enhance or Energise mat is a great way to reduce fatigue and can help increase productivity.

And lastly, a key feature of standing mats, stand up mats, and standing desk mats, such as the Enhance standing mat are the fact that the mat is designed to help keep your legs moving and working while you are standing. This can help to improve blood circulation through your legs and feet, and so improve your body health.

Standing mats, standing desk mats, and stand up mats are all great mats that help to keep you active and moving no matter where you are. At Mats-R-Us, our range of stand up mats, including the Enhance mat and Energise mat, provide all of the important benefits of a great standing mat, at a great price. We also provide free shipping to anywhere in New Zealand.

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